Why does Victoria Gymnastics only provide an initial trial class and not regular drop in classes?

 Drop in classes are: 

  • unsafe 
  • not conducive to the reinforcement of proper technique
  • can create bad habits (in particular behavior within a group)
  • often supervised by the untrained as opposed to an NCCP certified coach
  • unable to provide consistency and high frequency of skills for entrenched motor pattern learning that contributes to the advancement towards the next progressive skill 

A trial class to determine whether or not your child is interested in gymnastics makes perfect sense as they are taking part in a class that represents a typical training session.

Safety in gymnastics is our top priority. In a typical drop in scenario, children are unguided while they are practicing skills they have learned; or even worse, trying new skills that they have not yet done.

We know that children learn and benefit from free play, however, an environment that involves height and flight while being inverted, are not the safest conditions for an unstructured activity.  


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