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All make-up classes are arranged according to the Registration Option (Basic, Plus and Advantage), selected upon registration. All missed classes must be reported beforehand via our Absence Notification form.

Note: Make-up classes are only available to actively registered students who do not owe fees. Sorry, no exceptions.

Please note: Missed classes that have not been reported, prior to the class being missed, will result in the loss of a make-up opportunity. A reported missed class will be occupied by another student.

  • Basic and Plus registrants must come to the office to book a make-up class. Basic members must pay $5.00 upon booking.
  • Advantage registrants can arrange their make-ups by calling the office a maximum of 24 hours before the desired day and time. Availability will be checked and the child will be booked in provided there is space. Most likely, you will be replacing a person that has phoned the day before or day of your desired makeup class - this is the reason for the 24hr maximum on notice.

 CLICK HERE for detailed information on make-up classes.

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