Program Structure

At Victoria Gymnastics, our 14 color/level ‘CanGym’ program has been modeled after the  Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique (GCG) 'CanGym' national program. Within each color/level there is an average of 36 gymnastics skills that are distributed among the floor exercise, rings, vault, parallel and uneven bars, high bar, trampoline, pommel horse, and balance beam. These skills progress in their complexity as students master each successive medallion. The actual medallion is Gold in colour while the colour of the sticker represents progress being made.

Each time your child receives an award (Step 1, Step 2, or Mastered) he/she has the opportunity to either:
A.) Move on to the next color/level; or

B.) Advance within a color/level as per the following table.

Level 1
Level 2
0-60% completed
61-85% completed
86-100% completed

The percentage range represents the total number of skills that have been successfully  demonstrated to an instructor. Stickers are place one on top of the other until the individual colour/level has been mastered. Once your child has mastered a level, he/she will begin work on the next level up and, upon the next testing session, a new medallion and sticker will be issued. The medallions progress in difficulty as follows: Burgundy, Red, Tan, Bronze, Purple, Blue, Turquoise, Silver, Orange, Yellow, Green, Gray, White and Gold. For the Parent and Tot Program, the medals are Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

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